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What's on in 2022?

A timeline of some national events and information days occurring in 2022.

Use these as a prompt for ideas or to get more involved if you feel the urge. For example, May is national walking month. The weather will be improving and this will be a chance to get outdoors and enjoy some activity. It doesn't have to be 'hard core' trekking it could be a stroll with friends or a short sharp 3 miles. Look up some routes near you, it is surprising what is on your doorstep. July is National picnic month. Plan one, meet up with someone you haven't seen in a while and better still combine it with a walk.

The end of each year always come around faster than we can believe, I hope that you find this useful and can give you some ideas for some positive activity in 2022. Getting behind a cause that is important to you or one that you weren't previously aware of can be positive for our own mental health and wellbeing at the same time as helping others. Reaching out to people we haven't seen in a while will also bring you enjoyment and fun. Good luck.

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