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Who is in your team?

It’s a long time since I went to school, but I can remember the playground team selection for whatever game was about to take place. We would all line up and the two chosen captains would then pick from the line up, each taking it in turns. Sometimes I was chosen first (if it was a game of football) sometimes last (British Bulldog). The selection process was fairly brutal.

In my blog So what is fitness? I outlined the modern thinking that it is more than just physical fitness. I won’t list the others again now but tackling them all at the same time may be too daunting or even impossible on our own. We need help.

The help of others around us can make these journeys both possible and more fun. I don’t really like the term ‘A Virtual team’. it implies the team isn’t real because someone else hasn't created it. To some extent we already create our own teams to help us with ‘stuff’.

We have friends who we trust with different things and they are defiantly part of our team. So why not make more of a conscious decision to create a team of people ? Select the people that can help us tackle those difficult aspects of our lives. Business does it all the time– outsourcing expertise.

This is a vital step in any personal development plan. I have written many over the years to help with my professional development but only more recently for my personal life. Don’t dismiss paying for a team member either’. Use professionals when you need to. We already do : Solicitors, Physiotherapist/ Chiropractor, Dentist, Estate Agent, Financial Adviser, Hairdresser are just a few, so you get the idea.

Others we don’t pay for directly such as your GP, the boss, the trusted friend you go to for relationship help, certain respected websites ( MIND, NHS, Etc). All of these people can help you and will form part of your team.

What are the different aspects of your life that you already ‘outsource’ ? and who do you have helping currently? regardless of whether you pay for it or not. Are they the correct person? Should you be paying for it or are you already and no longer need to?

It's your team ! You are the manager and you don’t just have a playground of eager participants to select from. Some team members will be drafted in at different times and not needed 24/7 so like anything, spend your money when and where you need it most. However, make sure you trust them to perform their role well. A great saying I picked up along the way has proved to be the case.


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